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Best WordPress Hosting Convesio in 2022 – Is It True?

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Convesio Managed WordPress hosting is a managed WordPress hosting service that offers a range of packages and features. The company was founded in 2014 by two brothers and they’re headquartered in California. Convesio has been able to grow quickly because they are focused on providing excellent service, affordable prices, and great customer support.

What is Convesio Managed Hosting?

Convesio is a managed WordPress hosting platform that offers fully managed services and 24/7 support. It’s the only web hosting company to offer this level of service, which means you get a reliable server that’s constantly monitored by experts for optimal performance.

Convesio’s dedicated team works closely with clients to make sure their site runs smoothly, even if it comes with any problems or issues that might arise from time to time (like a sudden spike in traffic). They also provide free upgrades and add-ons so your website can grow along with your business needs!

Convesio Features

Convesio’s features are designed to make your website easier and more efficient, so you can focus on what matters most.

The main features of Convesio are:

  • Easy Theme Editor – The theme editor makes it simple for anyone to create a beautiful website without any technical knowledge necessary. You can also access a wide range of pre-made templates as well as thousands of free ones that you can use right away!
  • Extensions Manager – This feature gives users instant access to all the extensions available on their account so they don’t need any additional tools or programs installed on their computers while working with WordPress! The extension manager helps users find exactly what they need quickly and easily too which means less time spent trying different things until something works before moving onto something else entirely again which takes way longer than necessary due simply because there wasn’t enough information provided beforehand about what each plugin does exactly how it works together with everything else around them (like themes etc.) which means having patience might be required during installation process depending upon how much experience one has already gained over time since learning new things isn’t easy especially when dealing with something like installing software packages onto servers located elsewhere across country lines where communication isn’t always reliable but still possible using technologies such as Skype calls between parties involved; however these methods aren’t always feasible given certain circumstances

Convesio Plans

Convesio offers three plans: Basic, Plus, and Elite. The basic plan is the most affordable option and it’s perfect for sites with low traffic. Plus plans offer more features than their siblings but they also come at a higher price point. Finally, Elite plans are designed for high-traffic websites that need extra speed and security without compromising on price or flexibility in terms of hosting options.

Convesio Packages

Convesio has three different packages to choose from. The first is the Standard Package, which costs $50 per month and includes 1 GB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth. The second option is the Business Package, which costs $300 per month and gives you 5 GB of storage and 2 TB of bandwidth. Finally there’s the Enterprise Package for businesses that need more than that; it comes in at $1000 per month with 10 GB of storage plus additional features like automatic backups or SSL certificates for your website(s).
If you want to add additional storage space (or just get more room on your server), then look into Convesio’s Cloud Storage Add-on service where they will allow clients to purchase cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive through their website without ever having to worry about managing multiple apps/services on their own computers—just pay once per month instead!

Here is a quick summary of the main points. The plan options are great, the features are designed specifically for WordPress us

Convesio is a managed WordPress hosting solution that features:

  • WP Engine-like security, backed by the world’s best monitoring service.
  • CPanel-like control panel, with powerful admin tools and additional features like SSH access to your server.
  • VMware-like performance, along with support for hundreds of virtual machines (VMs) and other technologies like Docker containers for greater flexibility in deployment scenarios.

Convesio provides you with everything you need to get started quickly and easily—and if you’re new to the world of web hosting services like this one (or even if not), we’ll walk through all the steps needed so that no matter what kind of website or app you want built on top of WordPress, there will be no learning curve involved!


For those who are looking for a good hosting solution to build their websites, then Convesio Managed Hosting is the best option for them. With this plan, you can get everything that you need without having to worry about anything else. It has different packages and features depending on your needs as well as multiple servers so that everything will always be up and running perfectly every time!
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