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Make Money Online: Best Websites for online Earning in Pakistan

If you’re looking to make money online, there are a number of websites that offer lucrative opportunities. You can fill in surveys, write articles and complete simple tasks for others. Here are some of the best websites for making money online:


Flexjobs is an online job board for remote and flexible jobs. The site has more than 500,000 jobs listed on its site, which means you can find a wide variety of different opportunities to work from home or part-time.

Flexjobs is free to use and all you need is a Twitter account to apply for jobs on the website. If you don’t have one yet, follow this guide: How To Apply For Remote Jobs That Require No Experience With A Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Started With Twitter Accounts And Their Benefits In Pakistan


Fiverr is one of the most popular marketplace for freelancers and companies to hire individuals, small businesses or even big corporations. The website offers a wide range of services at low prices. You can find people to do things like write eBooks, provide content writing or proofreading services or create websites and apps. The site has over 1 million active buyers and sellers who use it to buy or sell their products online.

Fiverr works like this:

  • You sign up as an individual seller on the platform by creating an account through email address (which you can also use as your payment method). If you’re new to Fiverr then I recommend using PayPal as it will make things easier for both parties involved since all payments go through them rather than credit cards which may charge extra fees because they require more steps when making purchases with them compared with other payment methods like ACH transfers from bank accounts etcetera).


Freelancer is a global outsourcing marketplace that connects businesses with freelance professionals. is based in the Philippines and has been operating since 2009, with over 20 million users and more than 3 million registered freelancers.
Freelancer’s website offers both free and paid membership plans that allow you to list your services, find available jobs and bid on them, manage your portfolio of work needs or projects (such as writing), research new opportunities before applying for them on the site itself, send messages to potential clients via email or SMS text message (if you have an account).


Upwork is a global online outsourcing marketplace that connects businesses and independent professionals with the best talent in the world.
Upwork has over 10 million users, 5 million businesses on its platform and serves more than 1 million jobs per month. is a job search engine that allows you to find jobs in Pakistan and other countries. You can set up alerts to receive notifications when new jobs are posted in a specific category, filter jobs by location, salary and other criteria and apply for jobs directly from the site.
There’s also an application called “Indeed Prime” which costs $2 per month or $20 annually and provides additional features such as advanced searches (e.g., location-based), real-time notifications of new openings (by city) within your chosen field of expertise, ability to view all available positions at once instead of having them appear one at a time on their website page like most other websites do today…

You can make money online by filling in surveys, writing articles and completing simple tasks for others.

If you are looking for a way to make money online, then here is the list of best websites that can help you in earning some extra cash.
The first thing I will tell you is that if you want to make money online, it’s important to find out the best ways of doing so. This way, your chances of success will increase significantly and so will your earnings.

Here are some popular ways:

  • Filling in surveys – this is one of my favorite ways because filling in surveys doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills other than being able to answer simple questions quickly and accurately (and sometimes even faster than that). It’s also easy enough for anyone with access to a computer or smartphone device since most companies provide an app through which users can sign up for free and earn points when they complete tasks such as making product reviews etcetera; these points can later be exchanged for real money!
  • Writing articles – writing articles does require some research but unlike filling out surveys where there may only be one question at stake per topic matter involved here there could potentially be multiple topics within each article itself depending upon how long/short length requirements need filled within them respectively.”
In this post, we will go through the best websites for earning online. These sites are not only helpful in making money but also give you freedom from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life.
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