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Breaking Barriers: Receive PayPal Payments in Pakistan

paypal payments in pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan – In a groundbreaking initiative for Pakistan’s freelance community, Dr. Umar Saif, the Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication, unveiled a pivotal project during his address at the Tech Destination Pakistan event in Islamabad. This landmark development marks a significant step forward, especially in facilitating PayPal payments in Pakistan, and showcases the government’s commitment to fostering growth in the digital landscape.

PayPal Pilot Project Kickoff

Dr. Saif announced the commencement of a pilot project that will enable payments to 10,000 freelancers through PayPal, set to launch in February. This move is part of a broader strategy to empower freelancers across the country and streamline the payment process.

Receive PayPal payments in Pakistan with Third-Party Approach

While PayPal is not establishing a direct presence in Pakistan, but you can receive PayPal payments in Pakistan, an innovative agreement has been reached to facilitate remittances through a third-party intermediary. Freelancers will not need to create PayPal accounts; instead, payments made from outside the country will be swiftly deposited into their accounts.

Seamless Process for Freelancers

Dr. Saif highlighted the simplicity of the process, emphasizing that freelancers only need to provide evidence of their accounts on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, or Crossover. Additionally, the introduction of a 50 percent dollar retention policy allows freelancers to retain half of their earnings in dollars and receive a debit card for both domestic and international transactions.

E-Rozgaar Centers and Ambitious Plans

The government’s dedication to backing freelancers is emphasized by setting up E-Rozgaar centers across the country through a collaboration between the public and private sectors. These centers aim not only to offer interest-free loans but also to cultivate an atmosphere conducive to both freelancing and entrepreneurship. Wondering, “What is freelancing?” Explore the opportunities at E-Rozgaar centers to learn and thrive in the world of freelancing and business.

The E-Rozgaar program aims to have over 250 centers across Pakistan, with 40 centers currently in progress and expected to be operational by February 19, 2024.

Industry Placement Program and Certification Training

Dr. Saif announced a standardized quality test for 75,000 IT graduates, scheduled for January 15. Successful candidates will gain access to job opportunities through the Industry Placement Program, offering government stipends and cash awards for participating companies.
Furthermore, the government plans to provide international certification training for 16,000 individuals in technologies such as Salesforce, Cisco, Microsoft, and Oracle financials, meeting the industry’s demand for highly skilled manpower.

Positive Impact on IT Revenue

The government’s measures, including the creation of Specialized IT Zones, have contributed to a notable 13 percent increase in IT revenue in the past month.
Federal IT Secretary Hassan Nasir Jami commended the IT ministry’s initiatives to boost IT exports and support freelancers. He urged entrepreneurs, students, and developers to seize the opportunities available in Pakistan’s growing IT ecosystem.
This groundbreaking announcement reflects Pakistan’s commitment to fostering a thriving environment for freelancers and propelling the nation further into the global digital landscape.


Is PayPal payment available in Pakistan?

At present, there is no existing financial instrument to streamline payments. The minister clarified that while PayPal is not establishing a direct presence in Pakistan, an arrangement has been made to route remittances from PayPal through a third party.
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